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LeBon Cyprus
Tree Swing #5
Things are Looking Up
NW Commission
Trunk Show
Crossing Deception
Sunol #2
Wet Sand
The Grass is Greener
Where You Are
Get Where You're Going
Water Tower
Post Season
NW Passage
Red Tree Bridge
Sunol #2
South on 106th
Hey Whistler
Crossing Ahead
Summer Speak
Our Natural Divide
Here Today
Remains of Winter
Darby Day
Miles and Miles
The Not So Distant
Tree Swing 3
Remains of Winter #2
Between the Lines
Answer For An Early Fall
NW Commission #2
Tree Swing #4
Heading Home
Right Here is Good
I Often Wonder




I heard you have to do something for 10,000 hours to become an expert at it.  I've been doing this since I was 24. I'm 42.  I don't really know what makes someone an expert at something.  what I do know is that when things go to hell in my life, all I have to do is start painting and the ship rights itself.   


Erik Hall

1975 –

Solo Exhibits

Kimzey Miller Gallery February 2002

Kimzey Miller Gallery September 2002

Kimzey Miller Gallery September 2003

Gallery Denovo September 2003

Kimzey Miller Gallery September 2004

Gallery Denovo September 2004

Kimzey Miller Gallery September 2005

Gallery Denovo November 2005

Hallway Gallery August 2006

Renee George Gallery January 2007

Hallway Gallery July 2007

Gallery Denovo November 2007

Renee George Gallery March 2008

Hallway Gallery November 2008

Hallway Gallery November 2009

Gallery Denovo November 2009

Hallway Gallery November 2011

Gilman Contemporary 2012

Hall Spassov Gallery November 2013

Hall Spassov Gallery November 2017


Private Collections (abridged)

The Meridian, Seattle, WA

The Pentagon, Washington D.C.

The Madison Hotel, Seattle, WA

US Commerce Secretary, Gary Locke, Olympia, WA

EE Robbins, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, WA

Luquire George Andrews Design, NC

Merck, Seattle, WA

State of Washington Public Art Collection

Valley Medical Center

Conover, Bellevue, WA



City Arts Magazine,  July 1, 2008, Curator’s Eye: Depth of Field  by Michael Monroe, Director

Bellevue Arts Museum

City Arts Magazine,  May 1, 2009, The Rise of Hallway Gallery by Jamie Friddle

City Arts Magazine,  November 23, 2009,  Style Profile by Darcy Camden

Where Magazine,  November 2011, Emotional Landscapes by Michelle LaFrance

Seattle Magazine, June 2014

PSBJ, November 2014, Do it Yourself Work Ethic, by Marc Stiles



Washington State Arts Commission Public Art Roster

Named 40 Under 40, PSBJ



Full Scholarship, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (did not attend)

Self Taught


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